About Mortgage France : History of Mortgagefrance

Mortgagefrance was the brainchild of Tony and Carole Bayliss who moved to live in the south of France in 2000. Tony had spent many years working in the financial services industry and had set up as a broker in France looking after the English speaking ex-pat and French resident. It did not take long to learn that there was a need reliable mortgage advice and a broker who could guide property buyers in France through the maze.

They discovered that whilst there were several lenders operating in the market it was difficult  for those seeking mortgages to find which lenders were offering products appropriate for their needs, and it was difficult to compare products. At this time no lender was operating online and information was sparse and difficult to obtain.

The objective of Mortagefrance was to fill this gap by operating as a broker offering products from a range of lenders and giving clear advice in English.

To simplify the procedure a website was built to provide a wealth of information about how the French property market works and what is required to obtain a mortgage.

A very important part of the site was the online questionnaire that would be buyers could complete. Mortgagefrance would analyse the information and let the prospect know how much they could borrow and give them details of costs from a range of applicable lenders. This questionnaire was vital as it enabled Mortgagefrance to calculate how much anyone could borrow and calculate costs.

The website was specifically designed to be user friendly, quick and to provide the information buyers both want and need.

It was considered very important to us that prospective clients should have someone to talk to as there are usually many questions that need answering. We also welcomed telephone calls and would always be available to talk to our clients.

Unfortunately ill health struck Tony Bayliss and after several spells in hospital in France it was felt that a return to the UK was now necessary and due to the fact that we could no longer manage the business as we wished, we decided to pass the baton to someone else in 2009.

We were very proud that IPF wanted to take the business over and they have guided it through the past very difficult 5 years but as circumstance are improving they are developing Mortgagefrance to carry on offering a first class mortgage service for home buyers in France. Tony and Carole Bayliss are pleased that the business is in good hands and English speaking home buyers in France are able to rely on Mortgagefrance.

Tony Bayliss

Feb 2015

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