French mortgage tools : French Mortgage Calculator

Have you just found your dream property, but are unsure about how much a French mortgage may cost you? Or maybe you already have a quotation from us, but want to adjust the figures? The French mortgage calculator is for you!

Simply enter the required French mortgage amount and an interest rate, and our French mortgage calculator will indicate your monthly instalments on both a capital repayment and interest only basis. If you are yet to contact us and need an idea of current French mortgage rates, please consult our French mortgage best buy tables.

The first figure calculated represents your monthly payment for a standard repayment mortgage, made up of both the interest charged and a payment towards reducing the capital of the mortgage. The second figure only represents the charge made for the interest on the loan, on a monthly basis.

These figures are only a guide. To request a full quotation, please click here. This calculator requires a javascript enabled browser.

French Mortgage Calculator

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