French Mortgages

Why take out a French mortgage?

If you are considering buying a new home in France, a number of options may be available to you. Perhaps you are in the position to purchase outright using cash savings, or the proceeds from another sale. Or maybe you can raise money against a different property, and transfer it to France.

Whatever the alternatives, taking out a French mortgage often makes the most sense from a financial point of view. Here are five great reasons why:

  1. Interest rates for mortgages in France are low. Since the eurozone sovereign debt crisis in early 2009, central banks have been encouraging consumer spending by keeping base rates low. For buyers, this quite simply means that it is a great time to take out a French mortgage.

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  1. There are tax benefits to taking out a French mortgage. Are you thinking of letting your property out? Offset the income tax with your mortgage repayments. Perhaps you’re concerned about French wealth tax? Reduce your exposure by securing debt against your asset.
  1. Protect yourself against foreign exchange risks. When it comes to making a property purchase, even the smallest movement in the foreign exchange rate may end up costing thousands. By taking out a mortgage in Euros, you are minimising your initial foreign exchange exposure, so that you can bide your time and make transfers when the exchange rate moves in your favour.

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  1. Releasing property equity in France is costly. French lenders tend to be very cautious about borrowers who wish to raise capital against a property they already own. It is therefore complex and expensive to do so, meaning that the best time to secure funds against your new home is when you are making the purchase.
  1. Protect your savings. With mortgage rates low, why not take advantage of the opportunity to hold back some of your hard-earned savings? Be it to make another investment, to go on holiday, or to keep money in the bank for your own peace of mind, taking out a mortgage gives you more control of your savings.


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